About this site

This is my personal website. It serves three purposes:

  1. It’s a toy project for me to try out things.
  2. It helps me organize stuff in the internal section.
  3. It contains articles in which I describe stuff that I did that might be usefull for others as well or at least help me remember how I did something.

The site is hosted on Uberspace and created with Jekyll and Git. The main font is a free font called Vollkorn, the code font is Ubuntu Mono.

About me

My name is Christoph Finkensiep, I’m currently (Oct 2014) 22 years old and a master’s student of Cognitice Science in Osnabrück (with a Bachelor in Computer Science). I’m interested in free software, Lisp, music, and some other stuff. If you want to contact me, write me an email (GPG key: 0x12B9620D).